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A concept with future!

An effective hygienic management depends on the used products. With our new MyClean disinfectants you will completely profit.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Clearly product range for the respective purpose,
    avoids confusions of products or wrong applications.
  • Complete activity spectrum of the products (incl. MRSA and Noro-virus)
    guarantees a comprehensive preventive protection against spreading of infections.
    In the case of a disease outbreak, a change of the products is no more necessary.
  • Colourness and the use without perfumes reduce the risk of allergies
    for staff and patient.
  • Products are also suitable in the foodstuff

You only need 3 products:

We give our customers the possibility, to cover all arising disinfectants measures (incl.foodstuff) with only 3 products:

MyClean HB HändedesinfektionMyClean DS neutral
MyClean® HB
hand disinfection
MyClean® DS A
Rapid disinfection
MyClean® FD
Surface disinfection

Hygiene- A matter for experts!

„As manufacturer and close partner of the trade, we combine competences of the product level with the specific market expertise.
Our customers are always on the focus of our efforts.“


Dirk Pfemfert
Managing Director MaiMed GmbH

Features of our products