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MaiMed® - evolution: The revolution in the glove market

Elementary Information

  • - The MaiMed® - evolution is produced by a pressing process (not like latex-, vinyl- or nitrile gloves, produced by a dipping process)

  • - The MaiMed® - evolution is available in white and blue color

  • - The material of the MaiMed® - evolution is polyethylen (LLDPE)

  • - The MaiMed® - evolution has an AQl 1,5 and a food certificate which gives the possibility for a complete usage in the food industry.

  • - The MaiMed® - evolution is an innovation in Europe.

Where to use the Evolution?

Because of the material and shape, the Evolution is not a medical gloves (no DIN EN 455). The application areas for the  MaiMed® - evolution is the outpatient care, home care, the food industry (fish, meat, bakery and catering) and also in the beauty or cleaning area.

What is the difference between the Evolution and a usal PE glove?

The  MaiMed® - evolution has nothing in common with a regular PE glove that you can find on gas stations or hair dressers. During the manufacturing process polyethylene material is getting a grade up in flexibility and fitting, just like a vinyl or nitrile glove.

The MaiMed® - evolution is a complete new innovation in the market.

What is LLDPE?

The MaiMed® - evolution is made of the synthetic material polyethylen (PE), called LLDPE „linear low density polyethylene".

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